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About Us

Nidhika Shekhar is a well-known Indian fashion designer who is noted for her seamless fusion of modern and traditional aesthetics in her creations. Nidhika Shekhar's designs have evolved into one of the most sought-after 6 after artists in the Indian fashion industry throughout the years, showcasing unique design sensibilities. 

Traditional Indian designs are featured in Nidhika Shekhar's collection, which is ideal for festivals and celebrations. Her ensembles have a timeless quality to them, and they highlight color, shape, and exquisite embroidered designs.

Flashlight on the brand

Elegance is defined as being remembered rather than being noticed. We love it when our products are interpreted by the personality of the person who wears them, whether it's our perfect blend of Indian beauty incorporated in our distinct silhouettes or the way our modern design with appealing cuts aims to offer the customer a lifestyle idea of dressing that is distinctive and easily carried, which was founded in 2014 by Nidhika Shekhar.


We take pleasure in being one of the most well-known and well-known fashion companies in the country and throughout the world. Our design strategy is around producing exclusive designer wear attire that is suited to our customers' demands and lifestyles. We now have clients all around the world and are overjoyed to be able to transform our passion into a website.

What’s in the wardrobe?

Nidhika Shekhar's collection features a diverse selection of designs and shapes, including beautiful saris, choli, kurta sets, dresses, and more. The clothes designed by Nidhika Shekhar are best defined as contemporary shapes with Indo - western themes. 

The designer has a current sense of style and incorporates modern elements such as capes, cold shoulders, draperies, and pleats. Nidhika Shekhar's costumes are a lovely showcase of female forms and colors, which is why they are so popular. The label reflects today's diversified, cross-lifestyle of women who utilize my style to enrich and showcase their charms and personalities.