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Article: Regalia: The Nine-Yard Tapestry of Tradition

Regalia: The Nine-Yard Tapestry of Tradition

Attire is a cloth spun with threads of tradition and ingenuity narrating the lores of one's culture. Sarees have been tailored by Indian women since as early as the glorious Indus Valley Civilisation 2800-1800 BC.

This nine-yard wonder began its journey with cotton cultivation which was aided by the upcoming weaving and dying techniques. Years later, women of wealthier backgrounds would use expensive gold threads and gemstones while designing sarees.

The reigns of different dynasties (Sultans and
Mughals) would introduce newer cultural changes to the designs and patterns of sarees. With the onset of British colonial rule, the saree found a more solid role as the national attire of Indian women.
New methods of printing and different varieties of textiles and synthetic dyes were introduced, thus expanding the range of patterns and styles of sarees.
An increase in foreign trade led to the export of this beautiful Indian garment to foreign nationalities as the official attire of Indian women.

The saree is a timeless classic dress and will always occupy a prime place in Indian fashion.
It has been a source of inspiration to many top designers. Even in contemporary times, no clothing piece can accentuate a woman's look more than a Saree. This is the prime reason why fashion Gurus are still a fan of this 9-yard garment.

To celebrate this rich heritage of Indian Culture we bring forth this exquisite collection of designer saree by Nidhika Shekhar. Each and every piece of this collection is bewitchingly beautiful, handcrafted with intricate details with a finesse of supreme craftsmanship.

The colour palette comprises of vivid, vibrant shades which will embellish your festive occasions with the charm of elegance. The fabrics used are of the finest quality ranging from crepe to silk to georgette. Diverse tailoring techniques are used ranging from hand-sewn sequins to delicately lace-trimmed borders.

You absolutely cannot afford to miss this imperially magnificent collection this festive season.

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